About home color paint – Choosing home color paint may be frustrating for some people. It is because they do not know how to use the color properly or to combine it with other colors within the house and the furniture. Besides choosing the right color, one also should consider the quality of the paint which is going to be used.

Latex paint is the most preferred paint to use. It is because this type of paint is easy to clean up and it has long-lasting durability. Besides, latex paint is more resistant to fade and it breathes better than oil-based paint. Therefore, latex paint is best for painting walls and most household uses. On the contrary, it does not mean that you cannot make use of oil-based paint. Oil-based paint has better characteristics as primer on real wood moldings and trim. It is because oil-based paint able to seal stains and knots much better than latex paint. However, you should take note that oil-based paint needs longer drying time than latex paints. Be sure to plan for drying time if you want to use oil-based color paint.

One thing people often forget is the glossier the paint, it would be much easier to clean it up. It is an important thing to remember because you can determine how glossy the paint for a certain room. For example, a room which has a high traffic of activities, like children playroom, or a kitchen, is better to have high gloss sheen. So, you can wipe the wall easier using a damp sponge.

Meanwhile, semi-gloss paint is a good choice for a kitchen and a bathroom. Semi-gloss color paint provides you with easy-to-wash ability. Since the kitchen and bathroom tend to be dirtier than other rooms, semi-gloss paint becomes the perfect choice. Besides, it has less shine than gloss. It is quite weird if you have shiny bathroom and kitchen.

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