Tutorial: 10 easy steps how to use Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile to upload pictures to Instagram

In this tutorial, I will explain you, how to use Adobe Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile, to upload your pictures to Instagram, without the need to convert your RAW files into Jpegs, and to use third-party apps.

Instagram is - compared to Facebook or Twitter - a rather new social network. Its main purpose is to take pictures with your smartphone camera, using the Instagram app. With the Instagram app, you can take pictures in square format, edit them with various filters, and upload them to the Instagram community.

Your goal is, to bring your photographs in front of as many people as possible, to get as many  "Likes", comments, and "Followers" as possible.

Like in Twitter, you can use hashtags to attract people, who eventually like your image, and hopefully start to follow you. 

Some month ago, I signed up to Instagram, but only to register my name, so nobody can set up a fake-account. I haven´t planned to become very active, mainly because I have my DSLR always with me, and I don´t take pictures with my smartphone camera.

To bring your pictures into Instagram, you have to convert your RAW files into Jpegs, then you have to get them into your smartphone somehow. You can do this by sending youself an email with the attached image, and then save it to your smartphone gallery, or by uploading it to a cloud storage like Google Drive. After that, you have to use a third party app to upload the picture to Instagram. - Too many detours for me!

Only a few days ago, I discoverd, that as a Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile user, there is a very comfortabe shortcut to Instagram. No exporting RAW files to get Jpegs, no detours to bring your files into your smartphone, no third party software neccessary!

And here is how to do it:

If you don´t have it already

1. Get the Lightroom Mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Get the Instagram app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

3. Connect Lightroom CC with Lightroom Mobile:

Edit>Preferences>Lightroom mobile.


4. Create a collection, and add the pictures you want to upload to Instagram, or use an existing collection.

In my case, the image I want to upload to Instagram, is in my "Venedig 2014" collection.


5. Synchronize the collection with Lightroom Mobile.

You do this by clicking in the small square checkbox left to the collection name. The double-arrow-symbol shows, that the collection is synchronized with Lightroom Mobile. 


That´s it! In Lightroom CC you are done! The collection with the photograph you want to upload, is now available in Lightroom Mobile!

For the next steps, we have to switch to our smartphone, and continue with Lightroom Mobile.

6. Open Lightroom Mobile, scroll to the collection with the photograph you want to upload to Instagram, and open the image inside the collection.


7. Click on the upload symbol at the right upper corner.

8. At the opening window, choose "Save in Gallery".  

As you can see, I have the German version. I hope, this is the right translation.


9. Open the Instagram App.

The next screen shows the Instagram filters you can apply. I don´t use them, of course, becauses I´ve edited my pictures already in Lightroom CC.

10. Click on the camera symbol. There´s your picture in the right format!

Now you can add the description, hashtags, location, and you can automatically share your post with you other social networks.



Now you know the 10 easy steps how to upload your pictures to Instagram directly out of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.

Edit: Instagram now allows landscape and portrait formats. Here is the complete announcement: 

Thinking Outside the Square: Support for Landscape and Portrait Formats on Instagram

My Instagram name: colinutz