New Gallery: Bangkok – Light and Shadow

 Royal Coats of Arms - Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

Royal Coats of Arms - Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

Sometimes it needs a dull winter day, to attend to old pictures. This happened to myself with photos from a quick trip to Bangkok I took August 2011.

The journey to the Thai capital was, more or less, an act from necessity. At this time, I lived in the Philippines, and travelled 1-2 times a year back to Germany. In this year, I had no reason to do so. But I had to leave the Philippines every 12 month to get a new visa. Therefore the short flight to Bangkok was not far to seek.

I took a lot of pictures, of course – above all, it was my first trip to Bangkok.

My focus was on stock- and travel photography, and not on black and white fine art photography.

Anyway, I found a few images, which I thought to be suitable for black and white conversion. The first results you can find here:

Bangkok – Light and Shadow

As you can see, it can be quite rewarding to search your harddrive for „hidden treasures“!