Adobe Lightroom and WACOM Tablet: Problem with right click

THE PROBLEM SEEMS TO BE SOLVED IN LIGHTROOM CC! I recommend to download the latest WACOM drivers, if you have problems with juddery reaction of your pen!

Since several years, I use a WACOM Tablet to process my photographs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. In fact, since I use a tablet for my computer work, my mouse is hidden deeply in a locker.

The front pen key I use for scrolling pages, the back pen key is occupied with right click.

The problem:

Since some time, the right click is not working in Lightroom. In all other programmes right click works fine. The problem only occurs in Lightroom.

After a long search in the internet and updating all drivers, I found two possible workarounds to solve the problem:

  1. After launching Lightroom, go to the Develop-Module! Now you can go back to the Library-Module. Result: right click on you pen works again!
  2. While pressing the right click key on your pen, move your pen back and forth over the element! Result: right click on you pen works again!

It would be better, if Adobe and/or WACOM would solve the problem, of course. Unlil then, I hope my little tip is helpful for you.