Coverpicture of my calender "Venice - Light and Shadow"

Sooner or later every enthusiastic photographer asks himself this question: "Can I make money with my photographs?". Fortunately, there is only one correct answer to this question: "Yes, you can!" (I hope, there is no copyright on this quote!). There is no "no", you can´t" or "maybe", but a simple "yes!".

You want a proof? Easy! You don´t even have to leave your home to see pictures everywhere. Your daily newspaper, the magazines you read, the calendar and posters on you wall, all are full of photographs. If you leave your house, you will see photographs on billboard, in shops, galleries, etc.  Every single photograph was taken by somebody and SOLD to somebody!

Again: You can make money with your photographs! Thousands (millions?) do it every day!

"That are very good news!", you think. But here are the bad news: You are not the first, who wants to sell pictures! If you start now, you will be the smallest fish in a very, very big ocean! Even if you are born as a Great White Shark, you will still be a small fish in this ocean, and only a small number of individuals will survive and grow up. It is like in every industry and profession.

Let´s compare it with the movie industry: There are a handful megastars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Every movie starring one of these megastars almost certainly becomes a blockbuster. Equivalent to them, the dream couple in photography would be Andreas Gursky and Cindy Sherman, who are the current leaders in the "List of most expensive photographs" (WIKIPEDIA).

After that, there are a few dozen "normal" stars, followed by the supporting actors, followed by the background actors. No doubt, the stars and the supporting actors can make a good living with what they do. But, starting with the background actors, the whole thing becomes more diversified. Although some of them can make a decent living, and many can survive, the vast majority of background actors make the occasional pocket money only.

You can adapt this to photography one to one. This may sound very pessimistic to you, but that´s how it is! Does that mean it is senseless to even try to make money with your photography? Of course not! It was never easier to start! All you need is an internet connection, and - of course - something to offer. But although it is easy to start, it is not that easy to succeed.

In the following articles, I will present you where I sell my photographs, and how you can join the crowd.

First I will introduce you to Fine Art America (FAA), a POD (print on demand) site, where you can get your own artistwebsite or integrate your own POD shop into your website. Secondly I will talk about Alamy, where I offer my stock photography, and thirdly CALVENDO, a great site to create calendars and poster books with your own ISBN number for free.

Here you can visit my

To be continued ...