Go Local, Not Global - Heilbronn At Night

Ok, let´s face the truth: Heilbronn, the city of my birth, is not New York, Paris, or Berlin. Heilbronn is located at the Neckar river, almost exactly between Stuttgart and Heidelberg in South Germany.

Only four month before the end of the Second World War, Heilbronn was destroyed almost completely, and lost most of its historical buildings. Some of them could be restored, others had to be rebuilt entirely.

Most probably, you have never heard from this city in the German province. So, why do I tell you this?

Most photographers think, they only have a chance to sell fine art prints or books from exotic locations or megacities like London or Paris. But, is this really true? Is the world is really waiting for another Venice book?

With my book-project "Heilbronn bei Nacht (Heilbronn At Night)", I try to follow a different approach. I found out, that there are not many books of Heilbronn, and above all, there is no Heilbronn book with black and white night photographs.

Sure, my book will not become an Amazon bestseller, but I´m quite sure, that I will have a decent success in my local market.

Maybe, this is an idea for you, too? What do you think about the "go local, not global" approach?

Check out my "Heilbronn bei Nacht" gallery: